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Face Painting Courses

Individual Classes

The individual classes are best suited for those who would like to pursue professional face painting as a fun way of getting extra income or those already involved in children entertainment industry who want to upskill and learn the basics of face painting.

Why I recommend the individual classes?

  • It's all about you, more personal and more fun
  • The pace and content is tailored to your needs
  • You will receive constant feedback as you practicing the desings
  • Not to mention hundreds of tips
  • We can be more flexible with dates & times

What will you learn?

  • The couse is 100% practical and involves practicing designs with professional face painter
  • Application techniques
  • Choosing right brush for the job
  • Some populars designs
  • How to run a successful face painting business

Course Format

The basic format of the individual course I usually propose is two 2.5 hour sessions

This is the format I've settled upon after some experimentation and it seems to work great. The one week break between session is recommended to give you some time to practice new desings and come up with questions and ideas for the next session

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